"The condition of tomorrow's society is defined by the condition of today's children."

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Families suffer and often live a miserable life all because they simply lack the tools to address issues in their families and relationships. In other words, parents and children simply do not know how to be parents or how to be children, and so, despite the endless and unconditional love parents and children innately have, there seems to be endless conflict.

We at Guaranteed Prosperity understand that most families are in a real need for effective help, and so we decided to give parents the training course they never got.

The Parent Academy is guaranteed to teach parents how to raise children in a happy, fun and effective environment.

The full academy is composed of 50 lessons. Each lesson consists of a theory section, practical exercises and real life situation simulation games.

The lessons are all based on the precepts of the booklet The Way to Happiness® - a Common Sense Guide to Better Living, and guides the parents gradually towards the application of these principles in family life.

The Lessons Cover Real Situations Including:

How to get children to clean their bodies and their environment properly (we all know many children for some reason revolt against the idea of a shower or a clean room)

How to encourage an independent and responsible child and young adult

How to ensure your child never touches drugs

How to handle common problems like the child’s white lies" and hiding of information, etc. 

How to deal with issues such as diligence, help at home, good nutrition, socializing,

How to handle prolonged television viewing and video game playing (a central theme in the life of every child)

How to deal with the issues around school and study

As well as many situations one needs to confront if one raises children or if one once was a child.

The Parent Academy combines logical and practical solutions - and through experiential learning and fun, each participant internalizes the ideas and so they quickly convert from words and ideas to effective actions and results.

What Is The Parent Academy?

Why Are We Doing It?

Because children are the most important aspect of our society; they are the next generation and are the future of our country and of the world we live in. They are our happiness. They are, after all, the most important entities in our lives. We also work with children in order to give them good values and tools to deal with life.

In working with children, we discovered that behind every problem in raising children, the problem is not the child but the adult.

What's In It For You?

1.  Your own life will improve dramatically.

2.  Your family life will improve dramatically.

3.  You will help others for real and, hence, expand your sphere of influence.

4.  If you deliver the same lessons in your place of work, you will get a happier and more productive group.

5.  You will become the opinion leader to your family and friends.

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-- John Swiercinsky, iCandy Homes & Proud Dad

The difference in my relationship with my son was incredible because of two main reasons: first, it happened so fast, and second, the communication jumped into a new stratosphere!  It is amazing to have a child that is willing to talk with me about anything and everything!

For me the Parent Academy is kind of magic! When I learned about building agreements with your kids it totally changed how I get them to accomplish tasks. I always knew that ordering them didn't work. Now I know why!

-- Carmen Muntean, AB Hardwood Flooring & Proud Mom

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For the coexistence & peace between parents and children

Despite the prime basic love between parents and children, most families still suffer from the following problems:

  •   The “generation gap effect” between parents and children
  •   Major arguments with revolting children
  •   Endless fights between siblings
  •   Physical and verbal abuse
  •   Foul language between the parents
  •   Fights with the in-laws
  •   And much more…

It seems there is no shortage of problems, yet there is a severe shortage of effective solutions.

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50 Parenting Lessons
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2-Day Facilitator Training Course (accommodation & travel not included)
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